Moving Forward

Today was a WIN.

I mean I crushed most of my goals by midday.

There’s 6 on the hit list, or power list as Andy Frisella calls it.

This is the tool I have used to make sure that every day I am moving forward.

Whether its learning, health, meditation, waking early.

It can be whatever you want it to be.

I have 3 done 2 outstanding,

The first one I can do nothing about,

Its wake at 05.00, I decided not to, rolled over and cwtched into my wife.

The other one is the one that I SHOULD have focused on today,

But there again the other task I had to do too.


Justification is slipping in.

Let’s clarify this,

05.00 wake,

Water and vitamins ü,

Read values ü,

Help friend with course ü,

Write 2 articles,

21.30 bed ü.


But the ones I didn’t do, were still on my mind.

Not just on my mind, they were sucking me, sucking the energy out of me.


The crazy thing here is I love writing, so why didn’t I just do it.

I could have found time to, just start. As I’m reflecting, there is lots that running through my mind.

Am I good enough to write?

Will people be interested in what I write?

Do these articles provide value.

There’s A LOT of questions right there, before I even start. All bouncing around my head.


It looks better to see them down on paper, they look less scary, and more surmountable.

With all those questions though the one question I didn’t ask myself was.

What if I don’t?

What if I don’t write?

How does that make me feel?

What do I derive from writing?

I enjoy writing and even though I hope people have an interest in what I write,

And that the articles provide value, for someone.

I write because I enjoy it, it’s what I want to spend more time doing.

It allows me to learn and get a unique perspective on things,

Which is crazy when all I am doing is reading and writing my own life back to me.


I’m writing this the morning after I failed to do those tasks.

They were my primary objectives for today.

The frustration and anger and all the other feelings and emotions that went in to making myself feels like,

well not the best.

They had served a purpose, to generate a desire to achieve the things I wanted to achieve.


Its 09.00 am,


Water and vitamins.DONE

Values. DONE

1st article. DONE

2nd article.DONE


I have done 4 of the 6 things that were one my list.

I have done the things that have moved me forward and helped me grow.

Today is already a WIN.

I am feeling positive about the day, and like attracts like, so am looking forward to the rest of the day.

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