Joel Ingram


Hi my names Joel, i've recently decided that i would like to get more from my life than i currently do, not in a materialistic way, more as in experience, helping others, seeing what i can do when i push myself to the point of being uncomfortable about it. This blog is about my journey, to be a better version of me, to be a present loving husband , a strong role model for my children, to be there for them, love and raise them in a way that instills ethics and morals, while allowing them to be them. My interests are varied, and i love trying to new things. I hope my children see, I am trying to live a life of no regret without impacting them in a negative way. I hope sharing my struggles and insights with you, give you another perspective, a different avenue for you to explore or at the least raise a smile. The world needs more of them. Ultimately i want to leave this world better for me being in it.

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