Crisis to crushin it Podcast

Crisis to Crushin' It

This podcast will help people to understand how the stories we tell ourselves are the chains of the fence that keep us restrained.

It is for those who feel lost or have become acutely aware that their time is running out, that their life is not how they had envisaged it. Yet have decided to act and pursue the change they want to see in their lives.

With guests sharing their stories, of their trials and tribulations, and their desire to overcome, to achieve what they wanted.

How the mediocrity is insidious.

How challenge and obstacles are opportunities to live and grow

It is the perception of your reality that governs the perspective towards your life.

My hope is that this podcast will:

1. Increase perspective.

2. Expand perception.

3. Allow you to change your reality.

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Episode: 1

Introduction:                                                              Introduction

Episode: 2

Andy Storch                                                                Andy Storch

Episode: 3

Reflection, Andy Storch:                                          Reflection, Andy Storch

Episode: 4

Hayley Ingram                                                           Hayley Ingram

Episode: 5

Reflection, Hayley Ingram                                      Reflection, Hayley Ingram

Episode: 6

Olafur Torfason                                                        Olafur Torfason

Episode: 7

Reflection, Olafur Torfason                                    Reflection, Olafur Torfason

Episode: 8

Gene Hsu                                                                    Gene Hsu

Episode: 9

Nick Dinardo                                                             Nick Dinardo

Episode: 10

Devin Hanson                                                           Devin Hanson

Episode: 11

Jason Mackenzie                                                      Jason Mackenzie

Episode: 12

Stephen Truelove                                                    Stephen Truelove

Episode: 13

Barrett Leslie                                                           Barrett Leslie

Episode: 14

John and Max                                                           John and Max

Episode: 15

Tomas Cuddihy                                                        Tomas Cuddihy

Episode: 16

Jason Teeters                                                            Jason Teeters

Episode: 17

David Williams                                                        David Williams

Episode: 18

Brian R King                                                              Brian R King

Episode: 19

Tyler Stanley                                                             Tyler Stanley

Episode: 20

Joel Ingram                                                                Joel Ingram

Episode: 21

Scott Swanson

Episode: 22

Perry Towle

Episode: 23

Alex Paul                                                                      Alex Paul

Episode: 24

John Godfrey- Part 1                                                 John Godfrey

Episode: 25

John Godfrey- Part 2

Episode: 26

Mary Valloni-Part 1

Episode: 27

Mary Valloni-Part 2

Episode: 28

Alex Vanhouten                                                        Alex Vanhouten

Episode: 29

Joel Ingram-Solo

Episode: 30

My Journey                                                                My Journey

Episode: 31

Armando Cruz                                                           Armando Cruz

Episode: 32

Tracey Maxfield-Part 1

Episode: 33

Tracey Maxfield-Part 2

Episode: 34

Ben Turner                                                                 Ben Turner

 Episode: 35

Paul and Tracey Smolinski                                      Paul and Tracey Smolinski

Episode: 36

Lisa Marie Brown                                                      Lisa Marie Brown

Episode: 37

Stuart Hillston

Episode: 38

Matt Caulfield                                                             Matt Caulfield


Episode: 39

Stephanie Bango Wharton                                       Stephanie Bango Wharton

Episode: 40

Ben Turner 

Episode: 41

Siwan Reynolds

Episode: 42

Shelley Hutchinson

Episode: 43

Simon Maryan

Episode: 44

Jules Hall

Episode: 45

Special Mini Series with Ben Turner. 1 of 5 Physical Development – We are designed for movement and progression

Episode: 46

Jason Palmer   #jasonpalmer

Episode: 47

Ryan Mathie